Dear Cancer,


The hurt you have put my family through stops here.  You have taken far too many lives from us and you attempted to take more. You crossed paths with me, my mom, sister and aunt. You took my grandfather, three of my cousins an uncle and several friends.   While you may have been the cause, I want you to know my family and friends that passed ultimately won.  They left the physical and emotional pain you had them in, got their wings and divorced you forever.  While I may not have them here on earth, you most certainly don’t have them anymore and that makes me happy.  


In my immediate family, you’ve tried 3 times to destroy us all by one kind of cancer, breast cancer.  You tried to get my mom and then not only did you try to get my sister but two weeks after knowing what you did to her, you tried it with me.  You were removed from us just as fast as you tried to make us your next home.  Were you sitting around somewhere thinking about how you could infect us?  Were you waiting around for us to breakdown and give into you.  You should have learned from my mom we were too strong for that.  Me and my sister went through this together so we were able to double our strength by being strong for one another.  I’m sure you did this in hopes just maybe you would cause my little sister to breakdown as she watched her two older sisters go through chemo, but it didn’t work. We kicked your a**.  

The chemo we need to destroy you holds a double edge sword.  It helps kill you off but it also causes other problems. The side effects can be overwhelming from pain to vomiting, mouth sores and diarrhea, loss of appetite and extreme fatigue.  Did you know this happens?  I guess it doesn’t matter if you know because what I do know is,  you could care less.  I’m sure I can speak for other survivors when I say, as bad as it can get, it’s worth it just to know we are ridding you of keeping a home inside our bodies.  

I don’t get your evilness. I don’t understand your reasons of entering bodies and wreaking havoc.  You may think you only affect one person but I want you to know, you affect all those who love that person.  You force all of us into a relationship we didn’t ask to be in.  Why? What satisfaction do you get out of this?  It’s like you and the devil made a deal to raise hell on earth through lives of others.  You’ve put so much of my family through hell.  I’m tired of it.  No one wants you and none of us need you.  You serve absolutely no purpose.  You intentionally cause pain. Do you sit back and laugh while we cry?  Why are you ever around? I just want you to FOREVER BE GONE.  I’m speaking for myself, my family and for all those I don’t know because trust me we all feel the same, stay the hell away from us.  We will continue to fight and trust me, we are going to win.  


I wish you would just go somewhere and infect yourself.


Tasha Champion  

36 years old

Breast Cancer Survivor