Dear Cancer,

You came in to my life by surprise…

In 2014 I was told that I had polyps in my small intestines, that was

the first time I was admitted to the hospital with abnormal bleeding.

I was set for surgery but my insurance didn’t cover it. So I was

treated for my symptoms. Then in 2016 I passed out in the 99c store

and they took me to the hospital and they said I was bleeding

internally I had 4 blood transfusions then that Saturday the Dr. came

in my room and said ” Ms Tyson you have 3rd stage colon cancer….I

was in shock, no one said the polyps would turn to cancer, I couldn’t

talk, I kept crying, he asked what was wrong I said I have cancer, he

said you didn’t know I said no! How was I going to tell my four kids,

my mom, my 5 sisters and my brother. Then he said I needed surgery and

I could end up with a colostomy bag…I just found love, how was I

going to tell him I had cancer and that I might end up with a

bag…then came you have to have Chemotherapy… Cancer you changed my

life, I knew nothing about chemo except you lose your hair, you get

sick and lose weight and look sickly…my life would be altered

forever…But I survived….I have all my hair I have been doing chemo

for 6 months now my latest scans say no Cancer….I am blessed, my

fiancé stayed and has been so supportive… My children get me out of

bed and make me live my life even when I want to just lay there and be

sick, they tell me you are strong, and are a fighter…get up mom…I

am blessed and you cancer didn’t win, you broke me down but my faith came in to build me up

stronger.  I’m here to tell you I fought you like a queen and WON…

Fighting Cancer Like a Queen,

Michelle Tyson