Dear Cancer,

You are the unwanted house guest. The one that shows up uninvited and

stays way past their welcome (because you were never welcome in the

first damn place). You drained every part of me and I received no

pleasure. You tried to steal my life and my joy. Life was complicated

enough before you arrived. Then you show up and I’m fighting for not

only my life but the life of my six-year-old son. What you didn’t care about is that I live for him. I

had to explain to my son that I was sick and I assured him I was

going to fight and for damn sure I would win. See before you, I never knew how

strong I was.  With that strength I was determined to kick you out of my

life. I’ve seen you show up and steal the joy and life from ones I

love around me.  My son lost his Godmother and Grandfather to you

so I refused to allow you to take me and have him lose his mother too.

At times you tested me and made it really hard but I am stronger then

you. I fight harder then you. I had to remember you were the unwanted guest  and the sooner

I realized that the sooner I built up the strength to kick your ass

out of my body. So Cancer consider yourself evicted.

Jazmyne Austin

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer at age 28