Dear Cancer,  

I hate you.  You're the worst.  The stuff you put people through is awful.  It was horrible to see my mom in pain sometimes because she's usually so happy.  She lost her hair.  The chemo burned her arms and made her legs hurt so bad she could barely walk.  She couldn't even drive us to school sometimes and we had to miss those days.  I hate what cancer does to families.  My mom had to rely on me and my siblings for everything.  She often called one of us nonstop and she couldn't help it because you made her feel weak.  I would have to help pick her up when she fell, comfort her when she would break down and I'd make her food.  It wasn't fair at times but we did whatever we could to keep her comfortable while you got to roam free.  You've made so many lives dreadful and you even take lives. We got through it and I'm praying for others to get through it too.

Dillan Champion,  11 years old