Dear Cancer,

Your name is a very strong word. When people hear it, they get sad or angry.  Why do you bring that type of pain to people?  Why did you bring pain to my mother's legs resulting in my brother and I carrying her to her bedroom from the kitchen where she collapsed.  My mother went to have surgery to reduce her risk of you coming into her life, yet during the surgery the doctors still found you and you had the nerve to be the most aggressive one.  Her only option was chemo and it shouldn't have been an option because you shouldn't exist.  Me and my brothers saw my mom lose her hair, watched the chemo burn her skin and break her out.  Some of the side effects she suffered puzzled the doctors.  I sometimes wondered, is it my mom? What's wrong with my mother? It wasn't her. it was you.  Me being the oldest, I had to watch my mom and my younger brothers, cook every meal, make sure my brothers did their chores and homework, while still being a student myself and doing my own homework.  Many times I slept with my mom just to make sure she was ok through the night.  I'm only 16, did you think about if I could handle all of this?  I'm sure you didn't because when have you ever cared about who you hurt.   My mom is always happy, energetic, positive and fun.  We would sit and watch movies together, laugh, and hang out.  We were best friends.  You took that away from me.  She would be too tired to do anything, sometimes barely being able to walk.  I would sit in my room sometimes and wonder when will I get my mom back?  Your life must be so miserable that you have to come into people's lives and bring them sadness because you're hurting inside.  People try to cure you but you don't want to be cured because you're evil.  You enjoy the crazy emotions people have when you come into their lives.  You don't just affect the person you're in, you affect everyone around them.  You feed off it.  We will find a cure to end you.  My mother beat you and I pray for your next victim to win the battle against you.

Destiny Champion, 16 years old