Dear Cancer,

Thank you for losing to my mom.  I get to see my mom alive.  It wasn't like you were ever going to beat my mom.  There were times when I thought you had me beat.  I had to pick my mom up and help carry her to bed.  I did not like seeing her not feel well but she still had faith.  My mom lost her breast and reproductive organs to keep you out of her but your slick self still found a way back in and now she had to go through chemo.  Chemo is the worst.  It is a blow torch that was only suppose to kill you off but it caused my mom some pain.  Sometimes she could not walk, she could not taste any of her food, she lost her hair and she had chemo burns.  My mom is strong and she fought against you and chemo.  Guess what? You're gone now, out of her body and you will never be back.

Deonte Champion, 13 years old