Welcome to Letters to Cancer

We have all at one time or another experienced cancer either through a loved one or you may have had it yourself.  I am BRCA1 positive and a survivor of breast cancer.  I am also a single mom of four children ages (at the time of the diagnosis and treatment) 16, 13, 11 and 6.  During this time my children became my doctors, nurses, caregivers, cooks and everything else you can name.  I had to call on them repeatedly when I could not do for myself.  As a child, my mother had breast cancer and now being the mom who had it, I realized how much of this affects everyone around you.  We do not go through this alone.  Our loved ones, family and friends are on this roller coaster journey with us.  Many of them suffer in silence in an effort not to hurt the person going through cancer.  My children gave me so much strength during this time and yet I was able to see how this entire ordeal hurt them.  I wanted to give them a voice where they could express their feelings.  I asked them to write a letter to cancer explaining how it made them feel.  I told them to be honest and not worry about if they were hurting my feelings.  I did not want them holding anything inside.  I hope by them sharing their feelings it gives others, especially children, the power to share theirs.  Many have survived this battle and others have gained their wings.  No matter which side you are on, none of us battle alone.  We fight together, we cry together, we celebrate together and we pray together.  I welcome you to read these courageous and incredible letters and I invite you to submit your own.


This is where the strength of your emotions are heard.


Tasha Champion

Certified Master Life Coach